After a Brief Hiatus…

Ali and I have been shifting a few things around in terms of blog posting (hence the few months hiatus and no posts).  The dust has settled quite abit after the last year and a half of transition, and this site has served as a catch all place to share what we’ve been up to as a family and in our move, work, funding, etc.  Now we’re making a slight, subtle shift of using this blog for me to focus in on what I’m doing in my research and Ali is starting a blog soon to be launched titled: Parenting, Prophetic and the Presence of God.  More on this to come.

For now I thought I’d mark this shift by briefly describing what the research I’m doing on the way people tangibly experience God’s presence (manifestations of the Spirit) is all about.  I think the simplest way to do this may be sharing a link to Dr. Crispin Fletcher-Louis’s blog post where he describes my research from his perspective. Click on this link to take a look: .  Thanks for your interest and support!

30. October 2013 by Greg
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  1. What a great commendation and encouragement, Greg. We are very excited for what you are doing and for all we will continue to learn through you!

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