Ali’s blog: Parenting, Prophetic and the Presence

Ali in mini vanI mentioned in my last post that Ali is starting a blog.  It is up at  It’s titled “Parenting, Prophetic and the Presence” and her focus is on awareness of and experiencing God in the everyday stuff of life, even nonstop, sometimes mundane, daily life spent parenting.

Realizing God’s is ‘in the room’ with us, that we can hear God’s voice and even experience his presence has changed everything for Ali and I.  But we’ve both found ourselves surprised how easy (and confusing) and normal (but not always natural) interacting or being ‘with God’ in the everyday stuff of life is.  It often means more a change in perspective, identity and expectation then necessarily behavior modification, attendance to church programs and effort (religious or otherwise).  And God is closer, kinder and  wilder than we often think.Joy at beach

We’re most excited about what this all looks like in everyday life, in jobs, relationships, daily moments and decisions, etc.  So these blogs focus on us doing and learning this ourselves, with a little extra on my blog on the specific research I’m doing.  So, take a look at and look back here for future posts on experiencing God in everyday life.

13. November 2013 by Greg
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