Feeling the Word

I was at the local YMCA taking a tour and let myself become aware of God’s presence and I felt a pain like a burning in my right hamstring.  I didn’t remember having this pain before and couldn’t think of what just caused it.  Hmmmm…could this be a word of knowledge about the person giving me the tour?

So, as we walked from room to room I asked him if he had pain in is hamstring.  He did, having strained it in his workout that day.  I then asked if he wanted the pain to be gone.  ‘Sure.’  “Are you alright if I pray a quick prayer of healing?”  He looked at me in what seemed a skeptical way and said ‘okay’.  I simply prayed “I release the kingdom of heaven in you, be healed in Jesus’ name” and we went into the weight room as the tour continued, talking more about the features of the ‘Y’.  On our way out to the front desk I asked how his hamstring felt.  “It’s all better,” he said in a calm matter of fact way.  I said ‘that’s great, Jesus healed you.’  By then we were at the front desk and we talked more about membership, etc with some of the other staff, I thanked him for the tour and we headed home.

“Words of knowledge” are what some people call having information about someone or something that you wouldn’t have unless God told you.  (There are differing perspectives on the purpose and role of words of knowledge that we’ll save for another time.)  I’ve found them particularly significant and helpful when re-presenting the Father’s love to someone, especially someone you don’t have much of a relationship with.  Few things make someone more curious than when you share an accurate (this is a whole other topic for another time) and edifying (again more later) word of knowledge with them:  ‘How did you know that?’

What I think is really interesting is that along with hearing a ‘word’, seeing a ‘word’, you can also feel a ‘word’ like I did at the ‘Y’.

I know people that will pay attention to their bodies right before they enter a store, coffeeshop, restaurant, etc. to check if they notice any ‘natural’ pain so when they walk in they can be more attuned and can distinguish if they feel the pain of someone God is wanting to encounter with his love through a word of knowledge.

In another post I’ll talk about all the times I got a word ‘wrong’ and why most of the time it didn’t matter (especially if you are sharing it in a natural way in the posture of ‘washing their feet’…gently, humbly and with a heart to serve) and some of the basics about ‘getting’ a word of knowledge.

26. April 2012 by Greg
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