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As much as I’ve looked into all this, ‘one offs’ don’t last.  There are lots of metaphors to use:  we are ‘leaky’ vessels, so when we drink of God’s love and truth it leaks though the cracks and needs consistent filling; like our bodies need regular food and drink to stay alive and healthy, we need ‘spiritual food’; or long distance relationships (which I have many of these days), they are still a relationship through occasional connection, but nothing as intimate as more regularly, consistent, daily interaction of life together.

I’ve seen it in my own life and talked with many others, experiences of God or interaction with God that is infrequent, even if it is very deep, significant and powerful, does not last in the sense that consistent, daily, abiding relationship does in sustaining fruit of the Spirit, maturing faith, discerning God’s voice and life according to God’s perspective.

I think we all know this, but we also know that what matters most may not be what happens most.

In the circles I’ve run in busyness hinders intimacy with God and maturity in the Spirit more than persecution, more than suffering, more than unresolved hurt and doubt.  I’m thinking here of the parable of the soils/sower and that third seed that grows among the thorns:  “people who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by the cares and riches and pleasures of life, and they don’t bear proper, ripening fruit” (Luke 8).  a.k.a. idolatry:  Our primary allegiance, quantified by what we spend our time, money, energy, thoughts, concerns, trust etc. on, gets pulled in other, at times multiple directions, than what we may say actually matters to us the most.  None of this is black and white, so I don’t think it is helpful to over-simplify and generalize.  Busy to one person is not to another (same with materialism), there are seasons, different demands based on different commitments, different roles, responsibilities and tasks, etc. and so on…

Maybe my main observation is I rarely meet people who are experiencing ‘filled up to overflowing’, rather the norm is more running lean, empty, on reserves.  But, what if it was true there was ‘more’, even ‘more than enough’, ‘more than we can ask for or even imagine’?  What would that look like?  Well, my experience is that it looks all kinds of different ways depending on the person, situation, circumstances, but usually involves consistent, sustained interaction with God–which is also very unique and particular depending on the person and situation.  How you experience and relate to God will be very specific to you and so very different than someone else and the way you interact with God may change regularly.  Whether this is along the way while doing what you already are doing, whether it is doing less to do more with God or something else, well it depends…

So what does it look like for you to interact with God, hear his perspective, experience his love, to be filled, fed, share life today, right now?

12. October 2016 by Greg
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