Quick Update

Thank you to each of you who subscribe to our blog and visit our site.

Part of the adventure of this season for us is partnering with you and others financially to do this work.  Although it’s often been difficult to ask for help in this way, we feel like God has told us he will provide and our job is to let people know our needs and trust him.  To that end, we need to raise more financial support over this next year.   We are so grateful for the support we have received, not only for the tangible impact it has on us but also how encouraging it is to be ‘sent’ and ‘supported’ in what we are doing.

We set up this website as a hub for info like the different ways to contribute under “Partner With Us” and specifics on what we are doing.  But if you, or someone you know, would like to hear more we’d love to connect by e-mail or over the phone.  All that to say, please consider partnering with us this year and thank you so much for staying connected with us and what we are up to.

Again thank you for staying connected with us and for all your encouragement and support!


03. June 2013 by Greg
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  1. So I guess that means you can come to Extreme Week?

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