Spring 2013 Update


praying with kids in ArgentinaI just returned home after a 10 day ministry trip to Argentina as well as a church conference in Michigan.  Trips like this provide excellent opportunities for hands on mentoring from a pastor 20 years more experienced than I am and to carry out my research on the different ways people experience God’s presence in an international setting.  In the midst of all the highlights of time spent with pastors and leaders, seeing many types of healings and people encountering God’s love and presence in tangible ways, I was particularly impacted by my time with children and youth.  Throughout our trip, I kept having kids aged five through teenagers requesting prayer from me.  But, even more powerful was when they prayed for me.  We all experience God in different ways, I happen to very tangibly.  Like while visiting a 4th grade classroom at the church’s primary school.  The kids gathered around me, prophesied and prayed for me.  I could feel the electric-like energy of the Spirit for over two hours afterward. Then, on separate occasions an 11 year old girl and 9 year old boy prayed for me.  Both times I was so overwhelmed with God’s presence I couldn’t stand up any longer.  I also was able to activate them in praying for healing.  Three different youth each took turns praying for a man seeking restoration of his eyesight.  After one boy prayed he was able to distinguish colors for the first time.  Another boy’s prayers made objects visible but blurry.  After a third boy’s prayers the man was able to read signs and see people.  God loves to move through his kids.

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01. May 2013 by Greg
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