Partner with Us

We are dependent on financial support in this vision and need your help.

Please partner with us for any amount and any duration in one of the following ways:

Tax-deductible Donations

Tax-deductible donations can be made through New Horizons Foundation.  Our project is called “Experience God Project” Click this link:  DONATION PAGE

Recurring/Monthly Support by Bank Transfer/e-Check:  This is our preferred method of support and can be done through clicking this link  (click here), and selecting ‘monthly’ for frequency.

By Credit Card, e-Check or Check:  Make a one-time donation by check or one time or recurring donation by credit card (please note additional transaction fees of 3%) through the Donation page on the New Horizon Foundation website.

Anonymous Donation:  To donate anonymously (New Horizons Foundation will know your identity, but we will not) simply make a note ‘anonymous’ on the memo line if sending a check or online (click here)  and write “Experience God Project” in the comment section of the online form.

Non-cash donations:  There are a myriad of ways to donate.  Click this link to learn more:  Non-Cash Donations.  

Matching Programs:  Click here and select the green ‘match’ button to see if your employer has a matching program.  Your donation through New Horizons Foundation may qualify (i.e. Microsoft).  You may also contact Greg Smith, Director of Operations, Tel. 719-260-1213 or

The New Horizons Foundation ( assists many projects like ours by providing both the infrastructure for financial contributions and the fiduciary oversight to ensure all donations are used for their designated purpose.  We work closely with New Horizons Foundation through submitting budgets, strategic plans, financial documents and quarterly reports to ensure financial transparency and accountability.

95% of contributions go directly to our ministry.  The remaining 5% (and an additional 3% in transaction fees if using a credit card) cover New Horizons Foundation’s operating costs.


Direct Support

If you would like to support this project in other ways (i.e. airline miles) or would like to give directly to us rather than through New Horizons Foundation please contact us at


Also, please contact us with any question around finances and funding.  We are happy to provide any information helpful to you in discerning partnering with us.





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