The Presence

Greg is gone for 10 days to Germany with Kevin Dedmon. I miss him. Its not so much that I have anything specific to tell him or that I need him to do something. I just miss his presence. As the kids fall asleep, this is usually the time when we hang out—watch a movie, talk, clean. I miss knowing he is in the house, somewhere close.

This fall I have been attending a class at Bethel called “cultivating the Presence”. It is all about the Presence of God. The Presence of God–God’s Spirit that dwells in us and on us. Sure God likes it when we have specific things to talk to Him about, or that we need Him to do but He also likes to just be with us. Various speakers have talked about creating a space publically and also personally where Holy Spirit dwells.

I’ve known for 20+ years that Jesus lives inside me and that Jesus is my friend. But it is newer to think of being a friend of Holy Spirit and creating a place for Holy Spirit to rest on me, around me. I so want to miss Holy Spirit’s presence like I miss Greg’s presence. Not for anything in particular but because I’m in love with Holy Spirit like I’m in love with Greg.

Jesus said it was better for him to leave and go to the Father because an Advocate was going to come. (John 16:7) What could be better than hanging out with Jesus for 3 years—watching him feed the 5000 and walk on water, raise the dead? I think Jesus was referring to Holy Spirit, the Presence of the living God, breathing, in dwelling and surrounding me just like Holy Spirit surrounded Jesus. A whole world full of Spirit empowered people.jumping castle for sale

It is new for me to think that while I am always a Christian, the Presence of God can increase or decrease in a place or in me. I suppose it isn’t too different from the reality that I am married but Greg and I can have different degrees of connection. The Presence of the living God is amazing. As Joaquin Evans, a staff member at Bethel says, “The presence makes everything better.” The joy and peace as well as the incredible love of the Father that comes with Holy Spirit is amazing—it is addicting. It is better than anything else. I can understand why the disciples started to do crazy and radical things because with the Presence of God fear disappears and I want nothing more than for everyone to encounter the Love of the Father. And amazingly God wants to pour out his Presence on us because God loves us more than we love ourselves!  So these 10 days while Greg is gone,  and I miss his presence, I’m excited to cultivate more of God’s presence here, in my living room in Redding.


05. December 2012 by Ali Millikan
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  1. What a profound and beautiful post, Ali! Thanks for inspiring me to be more aware of the Spirit’s presence today!

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