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outside durham cathedralI walked into Durham’s massive cathedral getting my bearings and trying to find the books.  One of the staff in charge of guiding the steady stream of tourists and worshipers verbally reached out to me, “Can I help?”
“Yes, I’m a new doctorate student in theology looking for the ‘cathedral’ library do–”
“You are very fortunate,” she said with a tone and looking at me in a way I could tell she genuinely meant it and somehow appreciated all that was behind, surrounded and what it meant that I was standing there with her, doing what I was doing.
Although she didn’t need me to respond, somehow I couldn’t help myself, “well, yes, thank you, it is, I am…”
Our conversation continued about where to find the books, but my mind stayed on her comment.  Having just met with my supervisor for the first time and taken in Durham University, I was feeling very fortunate.  I know not many people would actually want to jump through all the hoops and take all the risks to pay large sums of money and time to write a 100,000 words designed to convince a few people you have a broad understanding of theology while also offering new, unique knowledge.  I also know there are people who want to and will not get to.  I have resonated deeply with both at different points these last few years.  But, to be at a place like Durham University after taking the risk to switch doctorate programs and the gift of seeing everything I’ve been working on these last few years and really the last 15 years weaving together, each step along the way setting me up better to do the specific research I’m doing now (Reformed reception of charismatic theology and practice) and more to the point better preparing us to help (and equip others to help) more people experience God in everyday life, I am very fortunate.

pumpkin carving oct 2015

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28. October 2015 by Greg
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