Update: Summer in Seattle, Surgery and Scotland

kids walking in a row 2014A look back as we move ahead…

Two years ago we decided to enter into this unique season.

Our goals were clear:  be mentored in what it looks like to help people experience God in the everyday stuff of life, immerse ourselves in a community powerfully experiencing God’s presence and study the Bible and church history in-depth on all the above.  It is amazing how well the first two goals came together in Redding, CA.  What we were able to do, see and experience proved incredibly significant for our whole family and our sense of call to help more people experience God everyday.  Hopefully you’ve gotten a sense of this through our updates, blog posts, etc.  And now to have the opportunity to do biblical studies at the University of St Andrews–the school I’ve most wanted to pursue a doctorate.  This really is our dream scenario:  an initial few years of ‘practical’ focus on what this looks like in real life, then time spent on historical, interpretative study of the Bible, centered on God’s presence with us.  We are so grateful how this has come together and for the support and partnership we have received amidst all the challenges and risks we’ve taken to pursue it.  Thank you!

Joy face shot 2014Joy is having surgery for a small hole in her heart called ASD at Children’s Hospital in Seattle.  The condition isn’t ‘major’ but the procedure to heal it is: open heart surgery, 2 days in ICU, one week in the hospital and six weeks to recover.  Pray with us for total healing for our little lady.


SeattleRain2We’re spending four months of our move this summer in Seattle staying with family, saving on housing costs, studying Biblical languages and interpretation, writing and incrementally transitioning to a new climate in Scotland.


We depart in September for St Andrews.  Right now it’s mostly logistics:  selling things, storing others, packing some and giving the rest away. We’re waiting on U.K. VISAs, looking for housing, getting fitted for kilts and working on whatever else we can do on this end.

12. July 2014 by Greg
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