What am I researching?

There is consistent emphasis throughout the Bible that God wants it ‘on earth as it is in heaven’.  Story after story talks about God bringing the realities of heaven to earth, through his presence, through people in the everyday practical roles, responsibilities and activities of life in the midst of the tension that things ‘on earth’ are not like it is in heaven in so many ways.

There is significant debate around all this, from how to practically discern what God is doing, to how fully and in what ways God is ‘bringing heaven to earth’ now.

It is my intent to address this confusion through researching not only a Biblical and historical understanding of God’s presence (i.e. how people in the history of the church and in the Bible experienced God tangibly and how they understood this) but also through interviewing people from a wide range of traditions, ethnic backgrounds, vocations and socioeconomic levels about their experience God ‘bringing heaven to earth’ now.

All of this points to practical implications for us today, which is the main goal of this research.  What does it look like in everyday life to do what Jesus did and greater things?  How do we hear God’s voice, experience his presence and move in his power in our different roles and jobs we have in life, even when we’re at the grocery store, doing the often simple, mundane activities of life?    What are the practical aspects of leading a community in sustained transformation and revival?  A key emphasis in all this is what this looks like beyond just church and faith communities but in all realms/sectors of society.

Where and how am I doing the research?

Why am I doing the research?

Some specific goals

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