What People are Saying

“Greg is a stunningly original thinker.  Whether discussing biblical texts, theology, church history or any number of topics in which he is well read, Greg’s thoughts are often simultaneously new, interesting, and right.  Many thinkers can get two out of those three, but only the greatest scholars can get all three.  Many people can be new and interesting but not right, or right in interesting but not new, or any other combination of two, but to be new, interesting, and right on a consistent basis is the stuff of which brilliant scholarship is made.
The topics that Greg wants to study are live questions for many, and the leadership of our church is particularly interested in learning from his research and dissertation.  As a pastor as well as a former academic I am confident Greg and Alison’s work will contribute to current scholarship and deeply impact the life of the church.” 
-Rev. Dr. Scott Dudley
 Senior Pastor
 First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue
“Greg has the extraordinary and special gift to help those who he touches find the power of the Holy Spirit within them.  I have seen this special gift impact many already and I expect it will influence more than we can imagine in the future.”

-Dave Cole


“It has been a privilege to witness the Spirit of God coming alive in Greg and Alison in the many years we have known them.  As God has grown ever more alive in them, they have become conduits for bringing life to others.  Their profound gift of prayer has been a gift to us, and we reflect at length on the images from their prayer that so poignantly point us to God.  We are confident that Greg’s study of historical renewal will deepen his foundation for contributing to the transformation of the world of today.  It is our privilege to offer these words of support to supplement our financial commitment to Greg and Ali’s continuing journey of faith.”

-Barry (and Linda) Rowan
“We had the opportunity to visit Greg and Alison in Redding.  It was a great time.  Being on the Bethel campus, worshipping at the church on Sunday night and engaging in some other events really helped us to understand some of the reasons God has led the Millikans to make Redding their home base during this season of Greg getting his doctorate.  
The church has a one word mission statement–Revival!  They are teaching, preaching, training, and ministering with that focus.  They faithfully, prayerfully, thoughtfully and wisely seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all that they do.  They also trust the scriptures to direct, clarify and guide their ministry and work in the Kingdom of God.  Their staff is very large and the congregation numbers in the thousands.  They have people from all over the world coming to worship with them and to go through some of their training classes.  There are many stories of healing and changed lives for Jesus. 
We knew that Greg had made a significant contact with one of their pastors, Kevin Dedmon.  It was not until out visit with them that we could appreciate the favor of the Lord in Greg and Ali’s lives by connecting them significantly with Kevin.  They could have been slowly becoming a part of the Bethel church, and instead God put them on an amazing “fast track” through this mentoring and collaborative relationship with Kevin.”
-Bob and Nancy Van Der Horn

“The theological basis of awareness of the Holy Spirit and empowerment by the Holy Spirit in our lives is essential to establish.  Greg has begun his research into the manifestations of the Holy Spirit and some of the ways God is using the Holy Spirit to bring Heaven to earth.  This has the potential to not only be informational but also formational in our lives.

Most important to me is the sharing of what Alison and Greg have experienced and are learning about a Holy Spirit led life.  Their examples of living out what they discern is God’s calling are helping me pay more close attention to the ways God is communicating with me.  Being more alert to the whispers and nudges of the Holy Spirit helps me be more expectant and receptive to hearing from God.  Also, I am encouraged to act on those communications and open up to God’s healing work through me.

While preparing to write this posting, God brought someone to me who reported God healed her when I prayed for her a year ago.  She said she began to feel a change during the prayer and subsequently had no further problems with this particular medical condition.  At the time I prayed the words God gave me through the Holy Spirit and God did his healing work.”

-Linda Fluke, NP (Nurse Practitioner)

The Scriptures point to the God who became flesh in Jesus to heal the sick, restore the broken, release the captives and proclaim the arrival of a new Kingdom.  Whenever we embrace the fullness of Jesus and His mission in the world then the Holy Spirit does the unexplainable.   Quite honestly, that makes me nervous.  I am excited about what Greg and Alison are doing because they are giving us a Reformed theological framework for what we lack in words or experience to describe.

-Rev. Rich Leatherberry
 Associate Pastor for Missions
 First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue