What would you do if I told you God is with you? Like right now.

What would you do if I told you God is with you?  Like right now.

Would you want to interact with him, hear, see and experience him as near?  Now that might depend alot on what you think he is like, how you think he feels about you and what you expect he might be up to.

Like if you think he is emotionally distant and generally displeased with you but is probably going to ask you to do something that you really don’t want to do anyway, well you may be hesitant to interact with God.

It’s worth taking some time to pay attention to what you think God is like, what he thinks about you and feels toward you and what you expect relating with him is like.  Maybe even check how much your actual/operative beliefs line up with your stated/espoused beliefs and what you ‘know’ from church, others, the Bible, etc.

But, back to ‘God is right there next to you’, some surveys suggest most people are what we in the ‘big word-me smart’ business like to call Diest and practical atheists:  God is far away somewhere, intervening somewhat randomly when he wants and we are left to figure stuff out practically, day to day ourselves, oh and he left us a book to read about him.

But if God is really with us and he’s in a good mood, even has a sense of humor (what, the what?), and the kingdom is near and it is a party, God desires friendship and to co-labor with us…this I know because my Bible (church tradition and my experience) tells me so…well, then what?

If God is right there with you–right now looking over your shoulder reading this blog post, I would tell you to relax and be yourself (I know:  whoever that is) and receive and relate to/with him–in whatever way makes sense or works for you.

Give it a go:  relax and receive and relate

Want a more specific suggestion:

  1.  Write:  “God, thank you for:” and list 10 things you are thankful for.  Don’t overthink or over-spiritualize, just what comes to mind.
  2. Take 5 (or however many) minutes and hang out with God who is right there receiving whatever he has for you to hear, see and experience
  3. Write 10 more things you are thankful for
  4. Take 5 more (or however many) minutes to listen, interact, relate with God
  5. Write 10 more things
  6. Do whatever comes to you…



27. May 2016 by Greg
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